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Enrolment at Dunoon Preschool.

Dunoon Preschool takes enrolments of children from 3 years. We have excellent experience with all children from 3 years up to school age including children who need extra support with language, emotionally, physically or intellectually. We work closely with Early Intervention Services, Speech Therapists and other educational specialists to get the support each child needs.


If you are looking to enrol your child at Dunoon Preschool please give us a call to organise a visit of the preschool and to talk to the educators. Our phone number is

02 66 895396, alternatively you can use the online form on the contact page. 


For those families with younger children we offer a Playgroup session on

Friday mornings from 9:30-11:00am.

Children of all ages and their families are welcome to join us.

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